Kirby Chains - Green Beads Face Mask Chain

Kirby Chains - Green Beads Face Mask Chain


This product is only available in the US. (not in Canada).

Kirby Chain has been featured on Vogue and now on BlueTag. 

Hook this chain on your mask and it will hang around your neck when not on your face. Keeps it off germy surfaces.

The glass beads are 4mm and are dark green. They are faceted so they are super sparkly. In some lights, they look almost black and in other lights, they are very strikingly green.

(Mask not included)

The length of the chain is 26 inches.

If we have to live this pandemic life, might as well add some sparkly joy to it...

The chain comes with glasses connections so that the chain can be used to hang both your mask and glasses.